The stuff they don’t see, or ‘get’!

Soooooo, 2nd medical assessment in as many months....ATOS this time, deep joy! I was a bit tight in the chest when they called me in, as I had walked up 2 hills to get there, and then a lady with strong perfume came and sat in the waiting area....but I wasn't what I would call... Continue Reading →

Oh, for a comfy chair!

Is it just me, or do furniture manufacturers not want us to be properly comfy anymore? The backs are lower, meaning you can't lean back without your head lolling about in the void above your shoulder blades. The arms are rigid and upright, not inviting you to rest your head awhile with your feet up.... Continue Reading →

Gentle meanderings with a like-minded soul!

It's days like these that remind you that life is better than you think it is! I have been fortunate to meet some lovely peeps through a local, light-hearted FB group, and some of us decided┬áto actually meet face-to-face. Turns out we get along in real life as well as on our computers/phones. One of... Continue Reading →

Who am I? Any ideas?

Just to confuse everyone, this is the revised draft that should have been published, but that disappeared into the depths of my has taken me this long to find it again...apologies...I think ­čÖé Good question....and I truthfully can't give you an answer! I can tell you my name, what I like, what I don't... Continue Reading →

Tiddlin’ about in the garden

I have a soggy bottom! And soggy, muddy knees! But I also am chuffed to bits that I have managed to spend another few hours in the garden fiddling about with plants and things. Yesterday I cut the grass at the took me 4 hours mind, but I did it! I think I spent... Continue Reading →


As alluded to in my profiley bit, I sometimes have bizarre, ridiculous and funny things happen to me....I like to call them Lyncidents! , commonly known by others as 'it could only happen to me', or 'Doh!' Sometimes they are small things, like jumping out of my skin when the toast pops out of the... Continue Reading →

How things change!

So! Been a much has 'gone wrong' for me I can't tell you! Well, actually, I'm going to anyway lol I have been an asthma sufferer all my life, it is a 'family' thing, many cousins afflicted too, with varying degrees of seriousness, one losing his life at 14 to son, his son,... Continue Reading →

Getting very wet!

In the course of my job, working with SEN children, I spend most of my time in the Hydrotherapy pool at our school. Sometimes it is just for a fun/splash session, sometimes just as a spare pair of hands in a class swim, mainly for Hydro sessions with our pupils. Through all of it, I... Continue Reading →

Wandering with my camera

So, something I do with annoying regularity, while out and about, is spot things that I find interesting and want to capture forever with either my camera or my phone. Both are always with me, and if at all possible, I will stop to capture the moment that just made me smile. It might be... Continue Reading →

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