Sleep? Pah!

I love my bed, and I love a good sleep…I don’t get to enjoy either very much these days, although there are times I can’t get enough of either too…but not very frequently 😦

As soon as I became a mother, 36 years ago, it seemed that every little noise the baby made woke me up, even if they were just making snuffly noises in their sleep….and so the pattern was set.

If they were awake, so was I, and it turned out that the first little darling I welcomed didn’t need a lot of sleep at all. For most of his childhood, even when his 2 brothers came along, he was quite happy on 2-3 hours shut-eye in every 24. He was a happy baby who didn’t cry much, was always smiling and gurgling, and seemed to be always awake, which meant I was too! The night I went into labour with my second one, I had just got into bed, at 1.30 in the morning, having spent the last few hours sitting droopily on the edge of his big brothers bed while he played happily with his cars, as bright as a button! Every couple of weeks, he would sleep for 12-14 hours straight, which seemed to sustain him for the next stint of 2-3 hr ‘naps’…he’s not much better now, all these years later! But, like me, he manages to carry on, quite often in a semi-zombie state lol 🙂

And from there on in, I have had trouble sleeping all night, every night. Sometimes I just can’t drop off or get comfy, even if I feel absolutely drained and am yawning my head off, and sometimes, like tonight, my body is doing everything it can to keep me awake and extremely ticked off!

During the day I had an increasingly painful and itchy little toe. Sounds daft I know, but something in the crease under that toe was really sticking needles in me. I resorted to Sudocrem and plasters which eased it somewhat, although it still feels like I have a pin or three sticking in there.

So off I trotted to bed. And the itching started elsewhere. In the course of scratching, I discovered 2 bites on the back of my leg….some little insect fancied a meal when I was watering the garden I presume. As everyone knows, once you have one itch, a million others crop up until your skin is crawling, especially when you’re trying to get to sleep.

After half an hour of trying to ignore the crawling skin, and now stinging bites, I got up…more Sudocrem for the bites, a cuppa, and I thought it was worth another try, so off I trotted.

And then the nerve endings started jangling in my forearms. I have a form of urticaria (hives) that starts with intense itching, leading to searing pain and heat, which is only relieved by either raking my skin with my nails, or pinching handfuls of my skin really hard and long. Either way I end up bloody and bruised, and quite often covered in the most fetching, bright red, raised blotches and weals, sometimes from neck to toe, or just an arm, leg, tummy etc., tonight being the turn of my left forearm. On rare occasions there is no itching, but I wake up with a swollen face on one side, closing my eye, drooping my cheek and jowls, and swelling my mouth, inside and out, making eating, drinking and talking very difficult. They always calm down after a few hours with the help of anti-histamines, but I have yet to discover the cause/trigger so am unable to avoid it happening. Hey Ho!

Unfortunately tonight, it means I will have about 2 hours sleep before I need to get up to go help with the grandchildren during the cross-over between Daddy going to work and Mummy coming home from work. but there’s not a lot I can do about that, so I just hope I can make up for it later……but I doubt it.

As my eldest did through his childhood and beyond, I do tend to crash every 2 weeks or so, and can completely zonk for anything up to 16 hours. It happens more frequently if I’ve been particularly wheezy though, or achey with the arthritis….apparently, so the doc says, it is because of low oxygen levels and high incidences of pain, so my body shuts off to try and repair itself.

So, here I am, sitting here at 3 o’clock in the morning, having a little whinge about my lack of sleep, with droopy eyelids. But having taken an anti-histamine and the arm having shut up now, I am going to sign off and go back to bed, hopefully to sleep until my alarm goes at 6am.

Wish me luck folks!

Just as a footnote, seeing as the internet went down, and this didn’t go as planned……

Having had to take an anti-histamine in the night, and taken my new asthma tablet thing in the evening as normal, I have just crashed for 6 hours…..only got to lunch-time! ‘Twas lovely 🙂

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