Oh, for a comfy chair!

Is it just me, or do furniture manufacturers not want us to be properly comfy anymore?

The backs are lower, meaning you can’t lean back without your head lolling about in the void above your shoulder blades. The arms are rigid and upright, not inviting you to rest your head awhile with your feet up. And they are so low that, after a certain age, once you’re down, getting up again becomes a major operation, sometimes requiring the help of others.

Recliners are ok, but trying to get out of one of those requires massively strong lower legs in order to push the damn thing shut again, or you do the splits trying to stand up with a foot either side, and then the bloody chair tips forward as soon as you lift your bum and disaster (and hilarity for any watchers) is upon you! Plus, there is nowhere to rest your head once prone on one, it falls off the edge ‘cos there’s no barrier, and the slightest movement has it trying to close and so bending you in the middle, when all you want to do is stretch out.

I remember many a time , back in the day, when you could snuggle in your chair, legs up under you, resting your head on the wing, or stretched out on the sofa, a squishy, padded arm cradling your head….or are they warped memories? If they were, then I want the sofa/chair of my imagination, not the ones on offer these days. Please remember dear makers, the chair seat should be at the same level or slightly higher than the knee, wide enough to tuck your feet up if you want to, and the backs should support your whole spine, not half of it. We are supposed to use these items you make to RELAX in, not sit bolt upright and rigid while trying to enjoy a film or chatting with friends…relaxing, unwinding, slumping even….so we need something squishy, big, inviting…COMFY! Like the chair in the Lemsip advert, that grows to hug the lady better when she sits down with her drink….I want one of THEM!

And also, in a time where houses are so much smaller, so as to fit as many as possible in a plot, how come the furniture appears to be getting bigger?!  All the advertising blurb shows you beautiful chairs, sofas, tables etc. in massive rooms where there is still space to walk around between the pieces without bashing yourself. In reality you’re lucky if you can even get it through the door, let alone fit it in the tiny room. And you find yourself climbing over an armchair to get to the sofa, or having to sidle sideways between the sofa and table in order to get to the kettle in the incy wincy kitchen with minuscule cupboard space and a smidge of worktop! I am still using the dinner plates etc that I bought many moons ago, and yet I cannot completely shut the door on the cupboard in which they reside, because it is not deep enough to accommodate them. There is a slightly deeper cupboard, but that holds my saucepans, baking trays etc. as there is nowhere else I can fit them either! And if I wanted to dish up a meal for more than 3 people, I’d have to put the plates on the floor around me….no room on the worktop!

To be honest, it’s the manufacturers of everything that only seem to cater for one type of person, there is no deviation for all us oddities, who are actually the majority of the population! Well, there are a few out there, but not in my price range!

Take clothing, for example. I am a size 14/16 depending on the make/cut/length etc. The other day I was looking for a pair of navy leggings. A simple task I thought. HUH!  I found somewhere that was selling pairs of leggings, 1 black and 1 navy, for £10. Brilliant I thought, what I want and a bonus pair, fab. The sizes were 8-10, 12-14 and 16-18…hmmmm, I’m in between two, but thought maybe the 16-18 would be a better bet, and possibly slightly longer, so headed for them….shock, horror! Lots of lovely blue/black pairs in the smaller sizes, but hit size 16 and it’s 2 pairs of BLACK, not a navy pair in sight. WHY???? Because I’m a bit bigger, and only want dark colours to hide my ‘bulk’? Errr…NO! Same with tops/dresses etc. The larger sizes are all in darker colours, or old-fashioned prints (think paisley). Give us a bit of colour, a bit of femininity guys for crying out loud. I mean, the ‘average’ dress size these days IS 14-16, so why aren’t the high street chains letting us dress the same as the skinny minnies?  So often, I walk into a high street store because I’ve spotted something I like, only to find they don’t do it bigger than a 12 or 14….so bloomin’ dissappointing 😦 Oh, and, please note, jumper makers….in the winter I like to keep my back and bum warm, so LONGER please, not stopping just short of my navel….too cold! In fact, any top should be longer, some of us don’t want to show off our midriff, whatever the weather!

As I said, I know there are places out there that you can get nice stuff in bigger sizes, but the prices are way beyond me most of the time. I appreciate there is more material involved, but TRIPLE the price of the previous size (i.e 12-14 and lower)….I think not! Therefore most of my clothes shopping is done in charity shops! I profit from a slightly wealthier persons clothes choice, and the charity profits from my purchase, so all good I reckon! I’m hoping I’ll hit the jackpot with a comfy chair and sofa one day too, as so many charities now do furniture too! It’s more green too, recycling at it’s best 🙂

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