Gentle meanderings with a like-minded soul!

It’s days like these that remind you that life is better than you think it is!

I have been fortunate to meet some lovely peeps through a local, light-hearted FB group, and some of us decided to actually meet face-to-face. Turns out we get along in real life as well as on our computers/phones. One of these peeps likes to wander the countryside, as do I, and we occasionally meet up to explore the many public footpaths and bridleways we are lucky enough to have in our area.

We are wanderers, not hardened walkers who beetle along, heads down. We both enjoy all the plants, views, vistas we see, and take many photos between us as we wander, while having a good old natter as well.

For just under 2 hours today, we explored a footpath near me, which took us in a circle back to my village. The breathing held up really well, probably because of the stopping to admire views, flowers and the like, or taking pictures of them, and I only had to stop, just to get my breath back, a couple of times. Turned out we covered 7 miles! Blimey!

Mind you, we were both very much in need of a sit down and coffee once back at mine 🙂

And then there was a knock at the door, and it was my neighbour. She had been to a coffee morning at the social club up the road, and had bought me and the chap upstairs a cake each. How nice was that? Yummy fruit cake. Just had a slice, and it’s delicious.

I’ve also had a couple of messages from old school friends re my last post, which were really nice and caring.

Yep, maybe it’s not so bad after all…this life of mine….I just need to look at it from a different viewpoint perhaps…forwards instead of backwards? I shall try harder to do that.


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