Tiddlin’ about in the garden

I have a soggy bottom! And soggy, muddy knees! But I also am chuffed to bits that I have managed to spend another few hours in the garden fiddling about with plants and things.

Yesterday I cut the grass at the back….it took me 4 hours mind, but I did it! I think I spent more time sitting on the bench getting my breath back, than I did actually pushing the mower about, but I got there, and it felt good. But it finished me for the day, so was pleased to see the sun again today, so I could do the fiddly stuff….weeding, tidying, moving etc.

I have been here 5 years in October, and am pleased with how my efforts are beginning to show, although I can be a bit of a lazy gardener. I’m a big fan of perennial plants…stick ’em in and watch them grow……and so many ‘weeds’ are actually quite pretty, not a lot of them get removed, especially the ground cover ones. Dandelions, geranium weed, dock leaves and ferns get pulled, but forget-me-knots, daisies, clover, celandine and the like get to stay, albeit kept in check somewhat. I also like  a bit of experimental gardening….like getting boxes/packets of seeds at the pound shop, chuck them in the flower beds by the handful, and see what happens. So I now have love-in-the-mist, violets, cornflowers and various other pretty/colourful things popping up all over the place…..fine by me!  And I inherited snowdrops, narcissus and primulas/primroses when I moved in, so all good.

But I change my mind a lot…decide something would look better elsewhere, or has become too invasive, so gets dug up and moved, or chopped up and placed in the green bin. Today it was the turn of a fern that I had moved from the ground to a pot. It was getting too big, and was boring by the hedge….green against green, yeuch!… so I decided to take it out and dump it. Took me TWO BLOOMIN’ HOURS!!!!!! Pot bound wasn’t in it, and I had to scrape out the soil around it (and under it) to free it from it’s prison. Mind you, an hour of that was probably spent sitting on the chair glaring at it while I got the breath for the next stint….but it’s out, it’s gone, and has been replaced by some asters. I had them in the ground, but they had got very bushy, so lifted them, split them, and put some back in the ground and some in the pot.

And I like to recycle to the garden if I can. The tiddlers old oyster shell sandpit is now a little pond, some old roof slates that I got on freecycle have made a nice barrier between the lawn and beds, and also protect the bases of the climbing plants on the arches (3 in a triangle to stop the grass encroaching). A few also went round the edge of the pond, to hide the fact that I hadn’t dug the hole big enough, so it wasn’t properly sunk in the ground (oops!) Some round and square  tiles/stepping stones, also from freecycle, form paths to various parts of the garden. The old wheelbarrow that no longer functions, collects rainwater and makes an excellent bird bath for bigger birds (the cats like to drink from it too!) And my late Dads old ornamental, stone bird bath, that won’t hold water anymore, is now a posh planter standing by the pond, with little plants in it’s bowl. Now I have accumulated enough old cd’s/dvd’s to make some sort of shiny mirror thing to put on the fence….fun huh?

Tiles as edging in the back garden.
The old bird bath looking pretty!
Roof tiles hide the half-baked job I did of sinking the ‘pond’ into the ground. Note the fern in the background that gave me so much hassle today!
Sparky checking to see if there’s any fish…..nope, ’tis a wildlife pond 🙂
A path to the front door.

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