Getting very wet!

In the course of my job, working with SEN children, I spend most of my time in the Hydrotherapy pool at our school.

Sometimes it is just for a fun/splash session, sometimes just as a spare pair of hands in a class swim, mainly for Hydro sessions with our pupils.

Through all of it, I can only admire the sheer tenacity of so many of these children to get on with life, and enjoy it as much as they can, no matter what their particular need.

Today has been an Aquarobics session for some of our ‘portlier’ children, followed by just over 3 hours of Hydro, helping 7 children through their programmes one after the other.

Some find it fun, some find it a chore, some find it scary, but with a lot of encouragement, singing, splashing and generally acting the fool, they all got through and finished with smiles and giggles.

Although I now ache from head to toe, and stink of chlorine, it just re-iterates to me the importance for all children, whatever their need or personality, to spend time in water. It is fun, a good way to exercise without undue pressure on joints, great for building confidence and necessary to their general health and well-being.

If you have children, do get them in water and swimming/moving about with confidence, as soon as you can. They love, it’s good for them, and good for you too! The best workout ever and great fun for all!


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