Wandering with my camera

So, something I do with annoying regularity, while out and about, is spot things that I find interesting and want to capture forever with either my camera or my phone. Both are always with me, and if at all possible, I will stop to capture the moment that just made me smile.

It might be a lovely country scene, an interesting building, clouds, a stunning sunset, an interestingly shaped tree, pretty flowers, an animal….all sorts really.

The photos don’t always come out as expected, maybe not looking as good as I remember it, or looking so bloomin’ amazing I surprise myself! Luck of the draw I suppose, but I have fun taking them whatever, and enjoy looking back over them when I get home.

I rarely delete any, as they all mean something, but confess to an ‘Odds and Bits’ folder that the really crass ones disappear into 🙂

My son very kindly bought me a WD cloud earlier this year, which I have enjoyed experimenting with, getting all my images and videos on there (eventually), splitting them into separate folders relevant to them i.e. family, children, grandchildren, animals, scenery, flowers etc. Turns out I can be quite organised once I get going, and I have folders, sub-folders, specials and all sorts. Sadly, I also had things saved in so many places, I spent as much time finding and deleting duplicates as I did uploading them in the first place….Ooops!

Also, I recently worked out how to rip all my cd’s onto there too, so I can sit here listening to Queen, Linkin Park, 80’s compilations or whatever as I type ! Get me Huh?

So, for this first post, I shall pop on some of the pics I’ve taken that I am particularly chuffed with!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

…have a look, see what you think!

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