Sleep? Pah!

I love my bed, and I love a good sleep...I don't get to enjoy either very much these days, although there are times I can't get enough of either too...but not very frequently 😦 As soon as I became a mother, 36 years ago, it seemed that every little noise the baby made woke me... Continue Reading →

Nicknames! Why? and How?

When I were a lass, my lovely Dad, for whatever reason, always called me Fanny Fanackapan....Fanny or Fan for short. Obviously it would have different connotations in this day and age, but I think it was a reference to me being a bit of a mare back then. My brother was originally Bladder Bonce, due... Continue Reading →

Puddy Tats……coming to an end?

There have always been cats in my life. Mum and Dad bought 2 kittens when they got married and moved into their own home...Three and Six....2 tabby sisters who cost 3/6d each (3 shillings and sixpence for you youngsters 🙂 )...hence the names. So when I and my brother arrived, they were already part of... Continue Reading →

Neighbours! Ecky Thump!

I've always been lucky with neighbours, apart from the odd niggle I've never had any problems. Don't get me wrong, I still have lovely neighbours....but.......sometimes....Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh! Being in a GFF is a whole different ball-game...mainly because my garden is open, no fencing...just a path from 'our' gate separating us at the front, and down the back,... Continue Reading →

Oh, for a comfy chair!

Is it just me, or do furniture manufacturers not want us to be properly comfy anymore? The backs are lower, meaning you can't lean back without your head lolling about in the void above your shoulder blades. The arms are rigid and upright, not inviting you to rest your head awhile with your feet up.... Continue Reading →

Who am I? Any ideas?

Just to confuse everyone, this is the revised draft that should have been published, but that disappeared into the depths of my has taken me this long to find it again...apologies...I think 🙂 Good question....and I truthfully can't give you an answer! I can tell you my name, what I like, what I don't... Continue Reading →

Tiddlin’ about in the garden

I have a soggy bottom! And soggy, muddy knees! But I also am chuffed to bits that I have managed to spend another few hours in the garden fiddling about with plants and things. Yesterday I cut the grass at the took me 4 hours mind, but I did it! I think I spent... Continue Reading →

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