A changing of the guard!

So Christmas has been and gone, and I didn't even notice! Back in the day, I'd always have a houseful. When the kids were little, Mum, Dad and my brother would come to us for the day, and I'd revel in producing a grand dinner, a yummy tea, having fun, and enjoying the company. As... Continue Reading →

You’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?

Well, it just keeps coming at me, and things keep going wrong, but you know what? Not bothered anymore! I have chosen to roll with it, laugh off the silly/embarrassing stuff, embrace it even, and just plod along as best and however I can. Having gone to doc about the tiredness, dizziness and visual disturbances,... Continue Reading →

My Garden, my sanctuary.

During this enforced 'rest' that my body, and the doctors, have made me have..I have found a new, bigger enthusiasm for my garden(s). It is something I can do as and when I feel well enough, and for as long, or as short as breathing and joints dictate, without upsetting anyone, letting anyone down, or... Continue Reading →

Blessings, and silver linings!

Just found this in the trash bit! No idea why I didn't publish it, but is as relevant now as it was then, so here you go! I know, I know, my last one was a bit morose...but it was how I felt at the time! Weirdly though, it seems to have been cathartic too,... Continue Reading →

Sleep? Pah!

I love my bed, and I love a good sleep...I don't get to enjoy either very much these days, although there are times I can't get enough of either too...but not very frequently 😦 As soon as I became a mother, 36 years ago, it seemed that every little noise the baby made woke me... Continue Reading →

Nicknames! Why? and How?

When I were a lass, my lovely Dad, for whatever reason, always called me Fanny Fanackapan....Fanny or Fan for short. Obviously it would have different connotations in this day and age, but I think it was a reference to me being a bit of a mare back then. My brother was originally Bladder Bonce, due... Continue Reading →

Puddy Tats……coming to an end?

There have always been cats in my life. Mum and Dad bought 2 kittens when they got married and moved into their own home...Three and Six....2 tabby sisters who cost 3/6d each (3 shillings and sixpence for you youngsters 🙂 )...hence the names. So when I and my brother arrived, they were already part of... Continue Reading →

Neighbours! Ecky Thump!

I've always been lucky with neighbours, apart from the odd niggle I've never had any problems. Don't get me wrong, I still have lovely neighbours....but.......sometimes....Aaaaarrrgggghhhhh! Being in a GFF is a whole different ball-game...mainly because my garden is open, no fencing...just a path from 'our' gate separating us at the front, and down the back,... Continue Reading →

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